10 Best Practices to Write Instagram Bio for your Business
13 May 2020

10 Best Practices to Write Instagram Bio for your Business

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An Instagram Bio is the first Point of Contact when someone visits your profile. It has the Power to Convert a General Visitor into a Regular Customer.

Social Media is becoming powerful day by day and there’s no doubt that Instagram holds a Special Place among the Internet Users & it is evidently proved that over 500 Million+ Accounts use Instagram Stories every single day!

Your Bio must contain the following elements:

  1. A crisp & clear description of your business/product.

  2. A Strong CTA (Call-To-Action) that urges a visitor to buy your product.

So, make sure you follow these simple & useful tips to write a Perfect Instagram Bio and before getting through, make sure you have converted your Instagram account into Business Account! (This helps to get you detailed analytics of the number of visitors for your Business Profile)

Be Minimalistic:

People don’t want to spend much time on any profile and you have got only 1/8th of a second to grab their attention. So, use simple terms to describe who you are.

You can use your Product’s tagline as your Bio if you think that, it describes your profile at the best!

Moreover, if you are a popular brand like PUMA you can let the Logo & Brand Name speak for you!

Adding a target keyword next to your Name:

Always try to include the target keyword that you wanted to be listed for while creating your Name. So, whenever people search for your product/keyword it will be easy for Instagram to display your profile.

Example: Smith Traveler, Daisy Fitness, John Architect and so on.

Including a reasonable Link to Know / Buy your Product:

Remember, your Bio is the only place where Instagram allows you to include a link. This link may be your Website / Instagram Feed / Your Social Media Profiles like Snapchat / Facebook / Twitter.

Example: Include a link where the visitor can take immediate actions like buying your products/reserve tickets for a show/reserve tables at a restaurant.

Contact Info Buttons:

Be careful while adding the contact info to your bio. Add only the necessary fields that suit your business like Call, E-mail & Directions (if you are physically present). Also, remember that adding too many contact information may cause to appear three dots (…) on your profile causing some important information to be hidden.

Example: If you own an Online Movie Ticket Reservation System you can just add these two fields: Call, Book Tickets. It is enough for a user to achieve your goal of selling tickets.

Powerful CTA’s (Call-To-Action):

Instead of using some normal CTA’s like Login/Signup/Register, try to attract the visitors with strong CTA’s like Hurry Now/ Limited Time Deal / End-of-Season Sale. Imparting Fear-of-Loss among customers will have a notable impact on your sales.

Hashtags for your Brand:

Creating & adding your own Hashtag allows the user to share their reviews/experience regarding your product.

Example: Assume, if a lady named Rose owns a Bracelet Brand, she can create a hashtag as #rosebracelets and ask her customers to post a photo of them wearing their new bracelet using this hashtag. This gives the customer a joyful experience while sharing their pic!

Including Emoji’s / Line breaks:

An Emoji always has the power to grab the attention of your user. So, use it Wisely, Playfully & Reasonably. Also, using proper Line breaks provides good Scalability of your profile & makes it easy for the user to read through what you do/offer.

But, don’t forget that “what perfectly shown in the Instagram app may not be shown on the Web!” So, place the emojis and line breaks accordingly after verifying it on both the phone & web.

Example: You may add a Pin emoji for location, a Flight emoji to indicate that you do international shipping and so on.

Highlight Promotional Offers / Coupons / Discounts:

Offers & Discounts help to scale up your Business Revenue & helps you to reach more customers. You may offer a special 30% discount to those who order their first product through your Website / App. This helps to improve traffic in your Website / Increase in the number of App Installs.

Example: If you are an online trainer you may offer some free Courses / Training Sessions that give the visitor a valid reason why he/she should enrol your Course!

Showing Customer Reviews / Feedback / Posts in your Business Feed:

Everyone loves Recognition! So, give some space for your customers to share their experiences with others through your Instagram Feed. Reviews from a Friend / Relative is trusted more than anything in this world. So, use it in the right way!

Showcase your Awards & Achievements:

Nothing is believed in this world unless & until it has proven evidence! So, don’t think twice to show your Awards / Achievements / Recognitions won by you. This will make your visitor go “WOW” & immediately become your follower/customer!

Now go on, create a perfect Bio for your Business, Attract your customers & Close the Deal!

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