28 Jan 2018

Content DaDa Distinguished as a Rising Star among Platforms For Freelancers by Business Software Directory

Post by ContentDaDa

ContentDaDa was designed to help content seekers easily order and receive quality articles from talented individuals, and reputed B2B software directory FinancesOnline acknowledged that we are on track with our vision. FinancesOnline analyzed all aspects of ContentDaDa, and they gave our content marketplace solution a positive score alongside two prestigious awards: Rising Star and Great User Experience.

The Rising Star award for best platforms for freelancers is reserved to solutions that have proven effective for users, thus leading to a notable increase in popularity due to positive feedback. This recognition can be attributed to ContentDaDa’s tools that ensure content seekers not only reach quality writers in a “safe and secure avenue,” but also receive plagiarism-free articles, stated FinancesOnline.

“The platform allows writers to find clients who require their services and not worry about getting burned or clients not setting their obligations,” wrote FinancesOnline. “Seekers are also assured of working with professional writers and not just some poser who can’t string a few words to make a meaningful sentence.”

Their experts also lauded the platform for valuing content seekers, as our platform doesn’t have any hidden fees, and recommended it as one of their top freelance platforms alternatives. With ContentDaDa, payments are sent directly to the writer. Only content creators are billed with a commission fee, and they are assured with instant payment for their efforts through our automated payment system.

Similarly, ContentDaDa received the software directory’s Great User Experience award. This recognition is given to solutions that are well-designed in facilitating the work process. This can be attributed to our platform’s simple yet effective process in helping content seekers quickly request and receive quality content on our platform.

ContentDaDa is an Online Content Marketplace connecting Content Writers and Content Seekers. Earn Money by Writing Articles.


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