7 Reasons You Should Try ContentDada
19 May 2020

7 Reasons You Should Try ContentDada

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ContentDaDa is an Online content Marketplace connecting content writers and content buyers.

The developing years has seen a rise in technology & start-ups to an immense level. This high-end development of start-ups has given rise to a great demand for marketing themselves. Content, as a whole, has been back-bone in marketing. Brands looking forward to tapping into newer markets have considered qualitative content as their utmost priority.

The very place which most start-ups were missing was a professional content writing services provider. ContentDaDa has turned out to be a global Content Marketplace for upcoming market leaders. The innovative approach of ContentDaDa to bring content creators & Business on a single platform. We provide our stakeholders with a benefit to leveraging maximum benefit from ContentDaDa.

Services we Offer:-

  1. Content Writing & Translation Services

  2. Business Writing

  3. Web page Content

  4. SEO Articles

  5. Blogs

  6. Press Releases

  7. Travelogues

  8. Case Studies

  9. Whitepapers

  10. Academic Writing (Print, Electronic & Digital Media Platforms)

We connect 1000+ professional & freelance content writer with clients spread over the world. In close 1000+ projects completed till data from worldwide, acknowledges our distinct position as a leader. We being a start-up itself acknowledges the Cost-effective & Qualitative approach.

We encourage business to accesses one-stop solution to their content requirements. The intuitive and user-friendly experience offered by our team over the years has led to multi-fold growth of our clients.

  • Prominent Benefits, we offer to our Clients

Pay only for that you use & get easy refunds

This is one of its Content Marketplace which allows the business to pay as per their use. The businesses need to pay if the writer has offered the content, adhering to their required parameters & their approval. The complete transparent refund policy enables the buyer to receive his refund within the stipulated time.

Post your Requirement at Your Price

The buyer has the autonomy to request the content at his price. The buyer can easily set out the price of the content he expects to pay. This feature helps brands to get their assignment done at their feasible prices.

Free Registering with us

This is one of its unique feature that ContentDada offers. Businesses can register with us for free. They aren’t charged any special registration prices or joining prices. We don’t charge any amount of money to join (business or content creator).

Niche Expert Writers

The team of Qualified and tested writers offer nothing but top-notch and unique content. ContentDada has set parameters to grade writers as per international requisites. The chosen writers are only part of the team after qualifying language-based & industry based tests.

We have provided the best of world writer in our team. ContentDada ensures that the clients working with us receive the best of what they pay.

Allot only after checking Portfolio

We also provide access to our writer’s portfolio. Every writer along with us has to maintain a strong portfolio of his previous works. One can easily choose the writer, to award the project based upon the writer profile and experience. This process provides better confidence in choosing your perfect content weaver.

Multi-lingual Content Writers

ContentDada helps brands with a wide spectrum of services in multiple languages. As a global content marketplace, we are dedicated to serving our worldwide clients. The wide team of content writers are all braced up to break language barriers and serve the world with the best content pieces.

We have been topmost priority of our global start-ups looking forward to target new markets. The team offers content based on the local preferences from the target language writers.

Dedicated Account Managers for Bulk Orders

The team at ContentDada has one more benefit to offers to bulk content requirements. We would dedicate a special content manager to handle bulk content requirements to make the overall process quite easy for our clients. This feature helps our clients save them their precious time & focus upon growth over their competitors.

“Explore more about ContentDada and leverage your business growth. Click here for what we have for your start-up.”

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ContentDaDa is an Online Content Marketplace connecting Content Writers and Content Seekers. Earn Money by Writing Articles.


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