How does ContentDaDa works? – Content Writing
18 Nov 2018

How does ContentDaDa works? – Content Writing

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If you are in need of content writing for your requirements or get bored with your existing content, then you must begin your search to select a highly skilled, professional content writer to meet your content requirements. It is not a tiresome thing to select a writer who suits your requirement.  You just have to find the smart way to hire the best of the best writers from a qualified platform. ContentDaDa is the best platform where you can find a verified writer to complete your content writing job successfully with full satisfaction.

Here, you can gain information on how to get top-notch content from the expert writers of ContentDaDa to meet your requirement.

Workflow of ContentDaDa

  1. Get registered as a client at ContentDaDa
  2. Post your requirements
  3. Fill the ContentDaDa wallet
  4. Selection of content by the writer
  5. Writer submit bids
  6. Client approves the writer
  7. Submit content
  8. The writer writes the content
  9. ContentDaDa checks the content with tools
  10. Clients get the content
  11. Reviews and approves
  12. Writer get the amount in their wallet automatically

Get registered as a client at ContentDaDa

The first step in getting the content is to register on the ContentDaDa website with the required details. As a registered client, you can post an order easily and in fewer steps.Get content

Post your requirements

Describe your requirements for the content like title, clear description of the requirement, price per word or for the total order, desired deadline, type of content required and all such other details are described in detail to get the right content writer for your project.

Fill the ContentDaDa wallet

Fill the money in your wallet at ContentDaDa and your money with us is 100% safe and secured, and the content requirement is posted on our ContentDaDa website. After filling your wallet, your money with us will be locked, and it will be locked for the writers’ guarantee. Once the content written by our writer is approved by you, the money will be transferred to the writer.

Selection of content by the writer

Once the content requirement is posted, the writer at ContentDaDa looks over the topic and bids the project.Write content

Writer submit bids

The writer at ContentDaDa submits his/her portfolio on choosing the project to the client to get confirmation.

Client approves the writer

Bids displayed on our page describes the profile of the writers who bided your project and you have to approve the writer. The information such as their experience, rating, proficiency in English and their verification status are attached in their portfolio.

Decide the client based on the profile – portfolio, works done, works completed, rating, reviews, and the rate.

The writer do content writing

After the client’s approval, the writer at ContentDaDa starts doing content writing based on your content requirements. The writer has to submit the content within the given time which saves your time from chasing the writer.

ContentDaDa checks the content with tools

We check the quality of the content once the writer submits the content. The uniqueness of the content is ensured by analyzing the content with tools like Plagiarism check, SEO, and grammar check.

Clients get the content

After checking the uniqueness of the content by ContentDaDa team, Client checks and analyze the content.

Reviews and approves

The client is free to give suggestions on the delivered content and submit for rewriting. if the content meets your requirement, you can accept the content directly. If the writer is completely off from the topic, the client can cancel the order and you will get all your money back after the collaboration with both write and client.

The writer paid in their wallet automatically

Once the content is approved by the client, the writer receives the money automatically in their wallet.

Features of ContentDaDa

  • On-time delivered content
  • Plagiarism free
  • Unique content writing
  • 100% satisfaction of the content
  • Guaranteed work.
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