How To Leverage Success During Lockdown: Businesses & Writers
25 Apr 2020

How To Leverage Success During Lockdown: Businesses & Writers

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The rise in coronavirus (Covid-19) cases around the globe have left brads restless-both internally and externally. The severity of the situation is such high that prominent companies like IBM & Adobe are looking for alternatives to ease their workflow. Collectively, humanity has undergone various other life-threatening threats.

It never ends and likewise, we were able to control SARS breakout in 2003. The only thing we need is high morale and ever surviving spirit. As entrepreneurs and marketers, the thing is the perfect time to leverage underlying opportunities.

The rampant rise in online conferences and webinars are the only alternatives prevalent. A significant fall of 10.6% on the advertising revenue has widened opportunities for digital media. This is the perfect time to revive your brand value when the world is under lockdown. A safe investment in professional content marketing services would reap long benefits.

Below listed are top prominent reasons, why opting in content services would drive business leads for your company.

  1. Dominate Over Search Engine Results

In general, it is very difficult to rank on high traffic keywords of search engine. Since the lockdown, companies have been slimming down their marketing expenditures. This is the best opportunity to outreach your competitors since competition is an all-time low.

Once you have solidified your market presence through content marketing strategy, top ranking is only a matter of time.


Having business or services associated with essential goods, this is the perfect time to engage your audience. A dedicated online content hub would leverage opportunities from your prospective customers.

A dedicated content marketing content can bring the following benefit to your business.

  • Catapult your slowing growth rate due to lockdown

  • Optimise your business working hours.

  • Minimise your customers purchase time

  • Market your safety initiatives in regards to preventing coronavirus spread.

  1. Content Consumption, Higher Than Ever

Being under lockdown at their home, people have started speeding high time on the internet. People are searching for the various question and inquiring more about the brand they follow. Other than searching for housekeeping related queries, creative focused areas.

Business involved in consumer services can incorporate creativity in their digital marketing. Research on trending topics and hire content services to reach your target audience.

  1. Plan Your Future Content Marketing Plan

As per 2015 Marketing Study, brands who invest in marketing during a recession tend to grow quickly during the revival.

Keeping future growth in mind, the brand must use social distancing fruitfully and leverage content to it’s most. Plan your content marketing calendar with the help of content marketing consultant. This would offer an extensive competitive edge over your counterparts. Once this pandemic goes, all you need to do is publish your content.

How Writers can Leverage this Pandemic as a growth opportunity?

Writing career might sound good, but long time freelancers are aware of thorns it carries along with it. Developing a writing skill which can get your writing gig is quite crucial. In the time when the complete world is under lockdown, there are various opportunities for writers.

Content creators can utilise their free time to produce things, where the money is always a strong supportive element. A great part of the world is searching to engage over online platforms, where you can nourish your deep down desire as a published writer.

  1. Great Opportunity To Earn Extra Money

Students can grab this as an opportunity to earn extra money. The best thing about associating with a content marketing agency would be better pricing and consistent work.

Working with a professional would uplift your morale and confidence. College students can utilise this time to earn some amount of money for their extra expenditure.

  1. Diversify Your Expertise

Associating with a company would open various opportunities to work under diversified projects. Since companies cater to multiple clients and subsequent niches.

To nurture your expertise and diversify, freelance writers can join the various agency. Working on multiple projects would outline your experience and help you grow on multiple fronts.

  1. Freedom To Work, When And Where You Want

Freelancing as a writer is a thing, everyone wants. Working at your disposal and comfortability is quite rare when considering any other job. As a freelance writer, you can explore your creativity hood, for many there cafes, restaurants or even treehouse.

  1. You Can Deny A Work

There is rarely a job or gig, where you can deny any work. Working with content agencies brings this opportunity. A freelance writer has to work on a project only if he agrees to work on it. Working with content agencies provides this facility to work at your disposal.

Parting Words

Although coronavirus as a pandemic is already spreading its span and countries are under never seen lockdown. It is important to be aware that situations will be better shortly. When the economy revives, opportunities for businesses would be immense, and results would be desiring.

All that one has to keep in mind is to keep on the content flowing. Cater to all the information needs of your audience by collaborating with prominent content marketing agencies like ContentDaDa.

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