How to Post your First Content Requirement on ContentDaDa
8 Jun 2020

How to Post your First Content Requirement on ContentDaDa

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Content has been the most crucial aspect when you need to post you cutting edge blogs. Or engage with your audience through an interactive video? At ContentDada we provide end-to-end solutions to your top-notch content requirements. The team of professional writers is thriving consistently to upscale your online visibility.

Fetching the Best Content on Ordering With Us

If your sole concern is, How to get customised content over an online content Marketplace? We have your back. The writing services we offer are flexible and the Content Weavers with us are extremely professional. The aspects we take into consideration to ensure, YOU RECEIVE MORE THAN WHAT YOU PAY.

  1. What your company offers as in general?
  2. What has been your prominent demographic audience?
  3. What writing style would be best for you (Conversational, Technical, Formal OR Creative)
  4. Do you have any link that resonates with your idea?
  5. Any previous product pages you already have with you, that you wish to be covered?
  6. Type of Content (Webpage. Sales Content, Blog(Educational), Social Media Posts (Audience Engagement)

Minimalistic Approach to Ordering Your First Content

The very foundations of ContentDada were laid on the motive of filling in gaps of fetching Engaging and Sales driving content.

  1. Post Your Order
  2. Fill Your Wallet
  3. Review Content
  4. Project Complete

The seamless process to procure the best content for your website, Blog or Video has been made possible.

  1. Post your Order

Ordering content has been never simple than ever. All we need is your 60 Seconds and it’s done. Follow detailed steps to get your content.

  1. Title

Provide a temporary title to your content. Although our writer will also suggest you the best suiting to your requirements. This title provided will be the foundation of your expectations.

  1. Category

Choose an appropriate category suiting to your content requirements. The chosen category will help us to select the niche expert for your requirement. We always want your work to be handled by a subject expert.

Categories we serve

  1. Web Content
  2. Article
  3. Technical
  4. Creative
  5. Blog
  6. E-Book
  7. Editing
  8. White Papers
  9. Amazon Descriptions
  10. Translations
  11. Miscellaneous
  1. Language

This is the most important aspect of the services we offer. In close to 1000+ writers from multiple natives have been part of ContentDaDa family. We turn out to be one-stop solutions to your content requirements not only in English but also in multiple international languages as well.

The languages we serve in

  1. English (US)
  2. English (UK)
  3. French
  4. Spanish
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Korean
  8. Indonesian
  9. Hindi
  10. Tamil
  11. Kannada
  12. Malayalam
  13. Telugu
  1. Deadline

As a business nurturing start-up, we take high considerations in the dedicated timeline. Once committed deadline would be fortified. Your timelines are deadlines for us.

You can seamlessly choose the date you expect your content to be delivered. Although we consider a minimum of 24 Hrs duration to be minimum for your delivery.

  1. Keywords

Keywords are the most important aspect when considering Search Engine Optimised content. Our SEO Content writers will seamlessly incorporate all the keywords that will help you with ranking.

  1. Description

This is a short description of the type of content you expect. A description can do wonders when you have already shared a basic roadmap to your content. The content writers at ContentDada will be able to resonate equally with your expectations.

  1. Currency

This option provides how you want to pay. The team at ContentDada accepts payments in INR & USD.

  1. Amount to be Paid

This option provides the opportunity to Pay by Words or Pay by Article. The seamless algorithm will calculate the amount you need to pay by just proving your words requirement.

  1. Tone

This aspect deals around the tone of the article you expect from our writer. The flow and tone can directly influence the reader.

  1. Friendly: The article is quite friendly. It is primarily to dedicate to engage with the audience in an informal manner.
  2. Professional: This tone is quite professional by the writer. The solitude of content lies in maintaining it quite professionally.
  1. Special Instructions

Although this isn’t necessary, you can provide some special precautions that the writer must take while weaving content. This precaution might be related to company policies, the audience at whole or even the flow of the article.


  1. Fill Your Wallet

This is the very option where we move a step forward from your requirements. Once we have taken a tab of your requirements, you need to transfer the amount finalised. This amount will be safe in ContentDada Wallet. A one-step process will reflect your transferred amount to your ContentDada’s wallet.

  1. Review Your Content

This is the phase where you have received your content. All you need to do is go through the content. Ensure all the requirements, guidelines, instructions provided have complied to their fullest.

The utmost dedication will reflect in satisfied users. You can also acknowledge the reviews you expect or modifications required. The writer handling your project will be notified about the corrections and in no time will correct it.

  1. Project Complete

The project assigned over to us is completed. You are all ready to brand your firm with curated content. We also share your feedback with our fellow writers.

The team at ContentDada is inclined over the Feedback system. We are on a journey to add value to our customer life.

ContentDaDa is an Online Content Marketplace connecting Content Writers and Content Seekers. Earn Money by Writing Articles.


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