Top 5 Content Marketing Trends for 2020
6 Feb 2020

Top 5 Content Marketing Trends for 2020

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Content Marketing Trends! The new Decade of 2020 has already begun and has brought significant changes in content marketing along with it. Over the years content was created for business is soon on the verge of being obsolete. As the audience is evolving, which leads to devising the latest methods to cater to people requirements. Today we have listed various aspects that brands need to keep in their mind while

  1. Video & Live Streaming

The popularity of video content has gained over the years has surpassed all the breakpoints. Social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitch have completely revolutionised the way content was looked upon. As per research by Hubspot, in close to 54 % of consumers and audience has been looking for video engagement.

Interacting live with your audience not enhances your connectivity amongst the target audience. Business can hold live Q & A seminars to resolve their customer’s queries. Video and live streaming hold great prospects in terms of content marketing.

  1. Optimising Content as per Voice Search

The sheer dependency upon voice search portals like Alexa and Siri has completely reformed our lives. As per predictions, one can expect searches to surpass 40,000 Searches per second in 2020. The customers are predominantly shifting to voice search for resolving their queries. It is crucial for a business to make its website voice search-friendly.

Content marketers need to forge their strategy based on prominent queries generated. Long-tail keywords are the secret to encapsulate leads in 2020. Having your content moulded into query solving medium would surely attain you significant success.

  1. AR-Powered Visuals

Augmented Reality (AR) Filters have been driving significant attention amongst the crowds. Filters like varied face and noses have held a significant interest amongst youths. The content audience is engaging more prominently is fun driven. Brands are looking forward to catering their audience with a more fun-filled element.

Business looking forward to gaining confidence and credibility amongst their audience. Social media plays a significant role in marketing your products based on AR Visuals. One may expect various content forged in order to make it engaging as well as informative.

  1. Conversational Marketing

Brands and business are already acquainted with the fact that in order to reach a funnel one needs to have subsequent conversions. Conversational marketing would hold a substantial part of content marketing for the year 2020. Brands looking to target their customers need to have an un-linear approach.

Imbibing human touch through one-to-one conversations is going to be a trend for 2020. When the audience experiences special attention being given, they develop confidence and trust. Brands can get acquainted more about their audience demands. Brands might look into various forms such as email marketing, live customer support, Facebook messenger and human chatting options.

  1. Dynamic Content Delivery

Personalisation of services has become a success principle to various marketing drives. Shoppers today expect special attention from clients. Planned content delivery is a prominent aspect in 2020. Consumers are expected to desire a different level of personalisation for their services.

Brands who are looking forward to planning their content as per attributes of their audience. Posting adaptive content considering behaviours, preferences and demographics are going to be the trend for 2020.


“Now that you are well acquainted with these prominent content marketing trends for 2020, all you need is a strategy. Incorporate all the aspects listed above and brace yourself up for the decade. Since business goals and achievements are crucial, they need to be strategized accordingly. List down all the loopholes and every brownie point to plan your success beyond your competitors.

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