What is content writing and its types?
23 Nov 2018

What is content writing and its types?

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What is content writing?

Content writing involves the creation of the information to any media for an end-user in a specific context. It is simply defined as a form of online writing from writing. It generally involves creating the content which appears on the website that is designed to promote the business / a product in a specific way. Content is written based on the brief given by a client. It does not particularly mean writing content for the website, it involves all segments of writing such as technical writing,  articles, press releases, reviews, news and even comments on blogs and forums, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, academic writing, rewriting, translation, eBooks.

Types of content writing:

Web Content Writing:

It involves creating content for websites to describe and summarize on what the website is about and every website has a specific target audience and requires unique different content which sets a benchmark for the business.

Technical writing:

As the name indicates, technical writing is usually done for technical sectors. Here the technical concepts are simplified into terms that a common man may able to understand it. This type of technical writing involves writing user manuals, documents, guides, technical modules, reports, and literature.

Academic writing:

Academic writing involves in-depth research of a subject topic. This involves writing content for reports, dissertation, thesis and other academic courses which need more descriptive, analytical, persuasive and critical contents.

Press release writing:

Press release writing involves writing about the company or an organization’s recent exploits. The main objective of press release writing is to promote something specific and significant and inform the world about the achievements and the recent development of an organization or a company to create a positive impact on the target audience.


The writing where the content writer writes an article and turns all the rights of the content to his client is ghostwriting. Here the writer doesn’t get any credits to his work nor published under his name, the content published under the name of the client.

Review writing:

Review writing involves analysis and critical evaluation of any subject wither a text, product, event or phenomenon and it can be either biased or unbiased. Review writing draws a major impact on the minds of the audience.

SEO content writing:

It is a form of writing / optimizing the content which increases the webpage visibility to major search engines and increases the ranking of the website. SEO content requires good writing skills and makes the content easy to read, interest and marks the content a stand-alone from other folks of the same.

Blog writing:

Blog writing involves writing content for a website or a blog on a specific given topic. It is more likely an online journal that is frequently updated with the latest information sometimes the blogs are posted even daily. Blog writing is a two-way process where the audience can also able to post their inputs.

In this 21st century, content marks a major influence in global marketing. We can improve search engine ranking, make our content more informative among other folks.

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