Steps to write SEO friendly content
11 Jan 2018

Steps to write SEO friendly content

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Every blogger wants to feature in the top search results of the popular search engines. However, this is not possible without good optimization techniques. Remember that it is not just enough to have good quality content in your website. It is equally important to choose proper keywords and use them in the right proportion to get the best results. Let us take a look into some of the easy guidelines that can help you to write SEO friendly content for your website and blogs.

The right keywords make all the difference

To begin with, you need to analyze your niche and understand the relevance of using proper keywords relevant to your industry. After you have selected few keywords to promote the products and services of your business, you can filter them based on the competition and segregate them into short and long keywords. The simple thing you need to understand in this situation is that the short keywords have more competition and many writers usually target them aggresively. In this regard, if you are not having the early mover advantage, you may not win the race. In this situation, you can also include few long tail keywords that are suited for your content and use them along with the main keywords. This can give you better results in the long run. Apart from that, you should never hesitate to experiment and include many variations of the same keyword in different locations.

Never abuse the keywords

It is very important to use the keywords in the appropriate quantity. This is very crucial to highlight the keywords and search engines can even penalise the portals when the keywords are used very aggresively without proper justification. The optimum standard in this case is to use it once or twice in a single page article.

Use proper sub-headings

You should never write a bundle of text in any article and always use separate paragraphs to highlight different aspects of the article. This also makes it easy for the readers to go through the content and using proper sub-headings can give them a bird’s eye view of the entire article. Always highligh the subheadings and you can also choose to include some variation of the keywords in these places.

Choose proper length according to your target audience

Remember that not everyone has the patience to read lengthy content. You should always keep this factor in mind and try to convey the best possible content in a precise format. The online readers always prefer short and attractive content and you can focus on this aspect to get good rankings from search engines. On the other hand, when you have authority in any field, you can show your expertise by writing lengthy and interesting articles about various topics. This is also a good strategy and search engines love unique and informative articles.

Use appropriate links

You should always link your articles with related content in your website. In this way, you can keep the readers engaged and they will continue to read other related articles if they find your content interesting. This can also improve the ranking for the webpage in the long run.

Introduction and Conclusion

Finally, you should mention the overall summary of the article in the conclusion paragraph. In the same manner, make sure to write catchy phrases in the introduction paragraph to excite the readers to continue with the article.

If you can successfully manage these simple steps in your articles, you can rest assured that you will get good attention from the search engines. This can increase the popularity of your website and search engines will give good ranking for your content.

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